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kings weston


Kings Weston down and hill are located on the western side of Blaise estate and are easily accessible on foot. It connects to Shirehampton park and Kings Weston estate via the green iron bridge. 

Located on the hill are the remains of a early iron age hill fort which are listed as as scheduled monument.

The hill also homed to the Kings Weston hill transmitter.

iron age fort

On the hill are the remains of on early iron age hill fort although it is though the site had been used since the bronze age, it is thought the fort had been abandoned by roman times.

the area has been the subject of a series of excavations by the University of Bristol spelaeogical society which took place in 1924.

green iron bridge

The green iron bridge is located on the far west of the estate link Blaise estate to Kings Weston estate and Shirehampton park. the bridge was built between 1800-1820 and provides a safe pedestrain link avoiding the busy Kingsweston road below.

Unfortunately the bridge was hit by a lorry in 2015 and has been closed ever since, although there are plans and a campain to reopen the bridge nothing has yet happened. 

television transmitter

Located on top of the hill is the Kings Weston hill television transmitter which provides television and radio services to the north of Bristol and the sourounding areas.

kings weston

kings weston estate

Kings Weston House

Kings Weston house was built between 1712 and 1719 and is part of the Kings Weston estate. the estate is supported by the Kings Weston Action Group (KWAG), for more information about their work please press read more below.