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Blaise hamlet

group of cottages

blaise hamlet is a group of nine cottages built around 1811/12, originally located on the edge of Blaise estate although it has since been seperated from the rest of the estate by housing developments.

the hamlet was designed by architect John nash and built by george repton for retired employees of john hartford who at the time owned the blaise estate and was also thought it would enhance the look of the estate.

The hamlet was gifted to the national trust in 1943 and has been owned and maintained by the trust ever since, the cottages were grade I listed in 1959.

the hamlet is accessed via a gate off the footpath of halen road although as the cottages are occupied it is requested by the national trust that you do not enter the hamlet and view it or take pictures from the gate unless you have seeked prior permission.  


there are nine cottages in the hamlet these are; oak cottage, diamond cottage, dutch cottage, double cottage, rose cottage, dial cottage, circular cottage, sweetbriar cottage and vine cottage. the national trust lets out rose cottage as a holiday cottage.

village pump

the hamlet is built around a village green with a village pump that was built as a memorial to john hartford by his son. it is made of stone and is a work of art itself.


in 1975 the hamlet underwent an extensive refurbishment which included internal modernisation and restored the external features (thatch and chimneys).

blaise hamlet