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  • 23 May 2015 - River Walk

  • 24/25 May - Castle Opening

  • 23 June 2015 - Annual General Meeting

  • 28 June 2015 - Bristol Concert Wind Band

  • Welcome to the Friends of Blaise website

    2015 Castle opening dates are now available on the Castle page.

    On our website we want to cover as many of your interests in Blaise as we can - from wildlife spotting to history, to pictures and videos. Above all we hope to involve as many people as possible in contributing to the site, with their comments, pictures and memories of times past.

    A continuing major project for us in 2015 is the restoration of the Blaise Kitchen garden which was hidden behind the Mansion House and neglected for many years.

    Inside this walled area are a series of very large greenhouses, some dating back to Victorian times and originally used as the Estate's main source of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.

    Together with the Henbury Conservation Society, we are bringing this hidden treasure back to life with the help of volunteers from the local community. Current opening times to work in the garden are every Saturday from 10am to 1pm. It would be great to see you there to help with clearance work, plant some seeds and plants, or just find out what's going on! You may well have some suggestions which we can put to good use. We now also have a dedicated website for the Garden Project.

    The Garden is open every Saturday 10am to 1pm. Castle opening times can be found on the Castle tab